6 de marzo de 2010


Quedan pocas horas para saber si "La teta asustada", película peruana, ganará una estatuilla dorada en el Oscar. ¡Qué neeervios!

Para no perder el matiz académico, les paso el dato que el genial Henry Jenkins estará dictando un simposium sobre Transmedia Storytelling, esta vez, enfocado en la producción hollywoodense (sobre Trasmsedia hablé aquí). Lamentablemente, estas son otras de las magistrales conferencias que no podré asistir, sin embargo prometo buscarme papers y reseñas para contárselos. Nos vemos. :D

Transmedia, Hollywood: S/Telling the Story is a one-day public symposium exploring the role of transmedia franchises in today's entertainment industries. The event brings together top creators, producers, and executives from the entertainment industry and places their critical perspectives in dialogue with scholars pursuing the most current academic research on transmedia studies.

Co-hosted by Denise Mann and Henry Jenkins, from UCLA and USC, two of the most prominent film schools and research centers in Los Angeles, Transmedia, Hollywood will take place on the eve of the annual Society of Cinema & Media Studies conference, the field's most distinguished gathering of film and media scholars and academics, which will be held this year in Los Angeles from March 17 to 21, 2010.

By coinciding with SCMS, Transmedia, Hollywood hopes to reach the widest possible scholarly audience and thus create a lasting impact in the field. It will give cinema and media scholars from around the world unprecedented access to top industry professionals and insight into their thinking and practices.

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